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2018 Prayer Declaration

01.13.18 | Faith

    Prayer Declaration for 2018

    Heavenly Father, I come to You with great expectation and hope for 2018. I declare that this year is destined cooperative with Your perfect plan for my life.

    This is the appointed time for my action and faith to come into proper alignment. As a result of my obedience to the Word, I declare that I will swell up with super-abundance. According to Titus 3:8, because I believe You, I will be careful to maintain good works.

    This year, my house will find out just how good my God is. My experience is going to override every nuisance. The prescription for my turnaround has already come from You in Your royal throne room, and I am convinced that You have authorized my deliverance. My responsibility is to follow the prescription, and as a result, restoration has come to my house. My testimony will be undeniable - my experience unexplainable - that there is no God like MY God!

    I have tried to do it on my own, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I need You to add your “super” to my “natural”. Thank you for intervening in my life in spite of me! Now that You are in control, I declare that I am blessed and not stressed. I am at peace and at rest, and I can declare that I have experienced God for myself!

    I am grateful for the favor You have shown my life. According to Romans 5:17 (AMP), I now know that I am destined to reign as a king in this life through Jesus Christ. I am not meant to toil. I am not meant to struggle. I am not mean to just get by. I am meant to flourish, thrive and prevail over my circumstances. Thank You for the grace that gives me the power beyond my ability to live life to the fullest.

    I believe that You are a provisional God that has already provided everything I need here on this earth. Thank You for divine connections that cause me to converge on the very people that are holding on to my blessings in safe-keeping for me. At the right time, You will provide every material, tangible thing I need that is destined for my life.

    I have made up my mind that I will hail You as the King of kings and the Lord of lords for this entire year. And just like You showed up as the triune Godhead at Abraham’s house to confirm the promise and resurrect the womb of Sarah, as I praise and honor You I declare that MY promises will be fulfilled. I declare that what You are doing through me this year is going to sound so laughable, ridiculous, absurd, preposterous and crazy that I myself will stand in amazement at what You have done!

    I declare that according to Ephesians 2:13-18 that the broken body of Jesus Christ has already broken down walls of hostility that have separated me and those called to me. I declare that His spilled blood has brought unity between me and my Heavenly Father. Enmity, division and hostility had to die with Him on the cross. And just as He rose on the third day and unity rose with Him, peace and harmony will also arise in my home and life. Thank You for the restored communion of every relationship meant to be in my life.

    This year I choose to put You first in everything I do. I choose to make prayer a first priority and not a last resort. I WILL seek Your kingdom and righteousness before anything else. As I do, I declare that all I can do in 2018 is WIN. I am appointed to win. It is my winning season and everything connected to me wins.

    I speak this declaration over my life today and every day this year, believing that as I will be living it, so shall it be in my life!

    In Jesus’ name, AMEN!