We are glad when people are coming to our church.  Yet, the real question is not whether they are coming but are they changing?   The church was never intended to only be a birthing center.  The church has always existed to help people to grow.  

Jesus’ instructions were clear, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; (Matthew 28:19-20)”  Notice that Jesus doesn’t say, “believers” but rather he uses the term, “disciples.”  Believers don’t impress Jesus much and they didn’t impress James much either; so much so that he declared, “even the demons believe and shudder (James 2:19).”  Jesus is looking for disciples, people who are willing to take up their cross, give up their old ways and follow him (Matthew 16:24). 

Below you will find a list of discipleship groups being offered this semester at LOC.  Simply text the key word for the group you would like to join and you will be contacted with details about  attending that group.  

Have you ever found yourself wondering: Can I set limits and still be a loving person? How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy, or money? Why do I feel guilty when I consider setting boundaries? In this Gold Medallion Award-winning book and New York Times bestseller, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend give you biblically based answers to these and other tough questions, and show you how to set healthy boundaries with your parents, spouses, children, friends, coworkers, and even with yourself.
Text the word “BOUNDARY” to 912-400-0750 to sign up

Financial Peace University (closes Sept. 9!)
Do you want to learn how to get control of your finances and get on the path to financial freedom?  Dave Ramsey and his teaching team will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future, and much more.  
Please note the cost of this course is $129.99 for participants, but you will learn to save THOUSANDS.  (price is per couple.)
ext the word “FPU” to 912-400-0750 to sign up

Bait of Satan
This powerful study is one of the most important confrontations with truth you'll encounter in your lifetime. It exposes Satan's deceptive snare—offense—used to get believers out of the will of God. The issue of offense, the very core of The Bait of Satan, is often the most difficult obstacle an individual must face and overcome. Jesus said, "It is impossible that no offenses should come" (Luke 17:1 NKJV). Your choice is not in whether or not you get offended, but in how you choose to respond.
Text the word “BOS” to 912-400-0750 to sign up

Breaking Intimidation
It's time to break free from the trap of intimidation and overcome its effects of depression, hopelessness, and confusion. Breaking Intimidation will destroy fear’s hold over you and teach you to release God's gifts and dominion in your life.
Text the word “BI” to 912-400-0750 to sign up

Growing Through Divorce
Divorce is one of the most painful and emotionally draining experiences a human being can face. This restorative resource-drawn from the author's firsthand counseling experience with thousands of those who have experienced divorce-provides ten steps that can jumpstart your life past hurt and doubt to a healthy, new start.
Text the word “GTD” to 912-400-0750 to sign up

The Five Love Languages
Millions of readers credit The Five Love Languages with saving their marriages by showing them simple and practical ways to communicate their love to their partner. Gary Chapman helps you identify your personal love language and also helps you understand the love language of your spouse. He then provides practical suggestions for enriching your marriage by practicing the other love languages.
Text the word “LOVE” to 912-400-0750 to sign up

Beyond the Brady Bunch
Blending a family is far more messy and complicated than any television show portrays. Beyond the Brady Bunch is a heart book, not a how-to book. Christians who find themselves in the midst of step-family life often feel hopeless and far from God, struggling with grief and unforgiveness. From personal experience the authors have found that all the how-to steps in the world don’t work if there isn’t first a heart change. Speaking with honesty and vulnerability they share their own mistakes and how God dealt with their hearts. The book will help stretch hearts, minds and homes past the image of perfect and another happily ever after into the hope of Gods promise to restore, heal and rebuild.
Text the word “BBB” to 912-400-0750 to sign up

Shepherding a Child’s Heart
Shepherding a Child's Heart draws from Pastor Tedd Tripp's seasoned experience as a father - and from God's Holy Word. Grounded in the Bible's divine plan for parenting, this guide defines your goals as a parent and provides the scriptural methods for accomplishing them. 
Text the word “PARENT” to 912-400-0750 to sign up

Kingdom Single
If you are single Dr. Tony Evans wants to encourage you to live fully where you are. Kingdom Single will encourage you to see yourself as complete in Christ and free to serve Him. It will  empower you to live as Kingdom men and women in a corrupt culture.  Additionally, you will receive coaching for what to look for in a prospective spouse, and be challenged to live godly lives while pursuing Kingdom causes.
Text the word “SINGLE” to 912-400-0750 to sign up

The Power of God’s Names
This study examines 11 names of God. The words translated as name show up over one thousand times in Scripture and routinely carry with them power, responsibility, purpose, and authority. A name not only expresses the essence and significance of what is being named but also—when duly authorized—accesses the capacity intrinsic within it. Because of God’s depth of character, He has a variety of names to reflect His different capacities of relating to humanity. For example, God is called Elohim when referenced as the all-powerful Creator. When you need provision, get to know the name Jehovah Jireh, which means God, the Provider. God has a name for any and every situation you can find yourself in. Get to know the names of God because it is in knowing His character and His capacity that you will rest and discover both peace and power in His covenant care.
Text the word “NAMES” to 912-400-0750 to sign up

Not a Fan
Are you a fan or a follower? Go ahead, think honestly about your relationship with God . . . but don't answer too quickly. In fact, you may want to read this book before you answer at all. Not a Fan is your DTR with God - a "define the relationship" conversation to determine exactly where you stand. Not a Fan calls you to consider the demands and rewards of being a true disciple. With frankness sprinkled with humor, Idleman invites you to live the way Jesus lived, love the way he loved, pray the way he prayed, and never give up living for the One who gave his all for you.
Text the word “NAF” to 912-400-0750 to sign up


fall schedule

7 First Wednesday Service at LOC (Chazito’s Latin Cuisine Food Truck)
14 Discipleship Groups
21 Discipleship Groups
28 Discipleship Groups

4 First Wednesday Service at LOC (Sweet and Spice Caribbean Cuisine Food Truck)
11 Discipleship Groups
18 Discipleship Groups
25 Discipleship Groups

2 First Wednesday Service at LOC (Yoshi’s Japanese Cuisine Food Truck)
9 Discipleship Groups
16 Discipleship Groups
23 Discipleship Groups
30 Discipleship Groups

6 First Wednesday Service at LOC (Chazito’s Latin Cuisine Food Truck)
13 Discipleship Groups
20 Discipleship Groups
27 NO d GROUPS - Thanksgiving Week

4 First Wednesday Service at LOC (Food truck TBD)
18 Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree at LOC
25 NO d GROUPS - Christmas

d-groups schedule
6:30 pm Student Drop Off @ LOC
6:45 - 8:15 pm d-groups
8:30 pm Student Pick Up @ LOC

first wednesday worship
6:30 - 7:00 pm Food truck on site
7:05 - 8:15 pm Worship Service