Daniel Fast 2019

The Live Oak Church Daniel Fast has become one of the most powerful times of the year for this ministry.  We believe that God has ordained this time for us to come together as a corporate body, consecrate ourselves and set aside a brief moment in our calendar year to prepare for what He has next.  

In the Book of Daniel, Daniel entered into a partial fast for 21 days because he desperately wanted to better understand what his God was saying to him.  He consecrated himself to the Lord, disciplined himself and humbled himself to focus the voice of God.   What’s interesting to me about Daniel 10:12-14 is that the Bible tells us that on the FIRST DAY of his fast, the Lord sent the answer.  But the enemy didn’t want that answer to get to Daniel by way of the angel.   In an effort to stop the divine communication from God, the enemy dispatches his own fallen angel, the prince of Persia - a principality - to hinder God’s messenger.  For the next 21 days there was a battle taking place that Daniel didn’t know anything about.  It wasn’t until Daniel completed his 21 day fast that God sent Michael to help the angel with the answer to be released to come to him.  This is why we fast.  Because there are answers that God wants to release into your life, but it may require the discipline of fasting to see those answers realized.  

We will begin our corporate Daniel Fast this year on September 8 at sundown, and our theme for 2019 is “FIGHT, Because Your ______ Is Worth It.”  What are you fighting for?  Your family, your children, your marriage, your health, your mind, your soul? Whatever you are fighting for, I believe that help is on the way.  And that help just might show up as a result of YOUR fasting.  

I look forward to what God is going to do through us as we come together for this powerful time of consecration!

Below you will find important information concerning this year's fast...

Thanks to technology, we can touch and agree every day and strengthen each other in prayer.  Our daily Prayerline will be open Monday - Friday, 5:30AM - 6:00AM and 9:00PM-9:30PM.  The goal is to begin and end our day praying out the devotion that corresponds to that day together.  We invite you to join Pastor as we bombard heaven in prayer!

Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7085
Participant Code: 348084

For a pdf of our 21 Day Devotional and a Quick Guide to assist you during the fast, click on the images below.

devotionals df2019pdf

brochure 2019